Open Access - options and opportunities for online publishing

Dozent(in): Sonja Härkönen
Gebäude/Raum: Humanities Library, room 3086


This workshop runs every two months. The next dates are:
Wednesday, 09/01/2019, 1 pm
Tuesday, 05/03/2019, 10 am
Thurday, 09/05/2019, 11 am

duration: 60-90 minutes

Publishing your research outputs Open Access (freely accessible on the internet) has many advantages, such as quick and easy access, more citations, and better knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. The interest in online publishing has been increasing steadily within academia, partly due to the rising number of organisations and funding bodies which are recommending or mandating Open Access.

This training session will provide you with detailed information on the intricacies of Open Access: what is Open Access, what are the advantages of Open Access publishing, when (and how) should I publish Open Access? Which Open Access models exist, and how do I find an appropriate Open Access journal or repository? What do I need to consider with regards to copyright, and how can I determine what others can do with my outputs? How do I find existing Open Access research outputs? Additionally, we will introduce you to Augsburg University´s institutional repository, OPUS. The repository allows you to publish your works online with guaranteed longterm accessibility, persistent URLs, protection against manipulation of the original work, professional cataloguing and indexing, also in national and international meta search engines and portals, as well as longterm archiving via the central archiving server of the German National Library.

Prerequisites: none

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Please leave bags, rucksacks, umbrellas and large items in the lockers at the entrances of the Central or the Humanities Library. The lockers require 4€ (2x 2€-coins).