International Interlibrary Loan (Information for Ordering Libraries)

If you want to place an international interlibrary loan request with Augsburg University Library, please use the Bavarian interlibrary loan server.

Articles from books or journals will be scanned and sent to you by mail or fax. Please indicate your preference.

If you need a password or would like to ask a question, you should contact

Payment is by IFLA vouchers only:

  continental overseas
books: 1 voucher per book 2 vouchers per book
(+ shipping)
up to 40 pages: 1/2 voucher 1 voucher
41 - 60 pages: 1 voucher 2 vouchers
61 - 80 pages: 1 1/2 vouchers 3 vouchers
81 - 100 pages: 2 vouchers 4 vouchers